Welcome. This year sees the publication of THE NIGHT RAIDS - in hardback, paperback and digital form. This is the third in a new series called NIGHTHAWKS, set in Camrbidge during the Second World War. The books follow the adventures of Detective Inspector Eden Brooke. All my books focus on landscape; the Black Fens in the Dryden mysteries, the north Norfolk coast in the Shaw &Valentine books, Here, in NIGHTHAWKS, the world inhabited by our hero is a city of narrow lanes, courtyards, alleyways and the cool green river Cam, slipping by in its medieval channel. The city is a maze, and Brooke - who grew up here - holds it in his head. A hero of the desert in the Great War, in which he served with T E Lawrence, he was captured and tortured. As a result he suffers from insomnia and photophobia - an acute aversion to light. He is a nighthawk and wanders the city, seeking the occasional company of others condemned to the dark. The Mathematical Bridge, the second in the series, concerns a missing evacuee, and a lethal plot by Irish Republicans which threatens the life of the king's brother, Prince Henry of Gloucester. In The Great Drakness, the first in the series, Brooke uncovers one of the war's darkest secrets, hidden iin the heart of the old city itself. The Night Raids charts the tragic repercussions of the bombing of a single street in Cambridge - and crosses the North Sea to tell - in part - the story of the bombers as well as their victims.

But don't forget my earlier books. The Dryden novels won the Dagger in the Library in 2004. The Shaw books the New Angle Prize for Literature in 2010. And the excellent short story collection The Starlings contains my own offering: The Boy Who Didin't Breathe.

I hope you enjoy the site. I'd love to hear from anyone who has read the books and wants to share thoughts / problems / opinions or just get in touch.

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