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At Death's Window

When a body is discovered beneath the waves off Scolt Head Island, the contents of the dead man’s pockets lead Detective Inspector Peter Shaw to suspect an outbreak of ‘samphire wars’: a turf battle for control of the prized sea asparagus which sells for a small fortune along the affluent North Norfolk coast. Or does the killer merely want it to look that way?

Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant George Valentine is investigating a series of break-ins targeted at wealthy second-home owners. And a lethal strain of adulterated cocaine is flooding the streets of nearby Lynn, leaving devastation in its wake.

Then the second body is found – and the simmering tensions underpinning this remote coastal community come bursting into the open … with devastating consequences.

Creme de la Crime
£19.99 At Death's Window: A Shaw and Valentine Police Procedural (A Shaw and Valentine Mystery) (Hardcover) 1780290683
At Death's Window: A Shaw and Valentine police procedural (DI Peter Shaw & DS George Valentine series Book 5) (Kindle Edition) B00QSBNYNA
£10.50 At Death's Window: A Shaw and Valentine police procedural (A Shaw and Valentine Mystery) (Paperback) 1780295502