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sherlock holmes - nfn. sept 18

I am currently involved in some jolly correspondence with Red Herrings - the excellent magazine of the Crime Writers\' Association. Sherlock Holmes is in the news thanks to the BBC\'s imaginative and entertaining new drama series. I wrote to RH after they published the story of how Arthur Conan Doyle is supposed to have got the idea for the Hound of the Baskervilles - apparently he was told the story by a fellow golfer while playing a round at Cromer. I suggested a slightly different story - that he was told the story of Black Shuck,  the Fen\'s own ghostly hound, while trapped in the clubhouse at Cromer as the rain fell outside. I think I\'m in a minority of one on this at the moment. So if any of my readers have any more to offer on Sherlock Holmes (Normal For Norfolk) I\'d like to hear from them. A good starting point on Black Shuck, for those interested, is Enid Porter\'s wonderful Cambridgeshire Folklore and Legend.